Founded in 2010, VMC - an administrative services company dedicated to the event industry- helps its clients with the administrative processes and issues than come with holding an event in a foreign country: foreign laws, foreign devices and exchange rates and invoicing requirements.

More and more, organizers of events are trying to recover the VAT they have paid. When successful, this will substantially decrease the total costs of holding an event. Unfortunately, there are often obstacles standing between the organizer and his potential refund.

This is the reason why VMC has implemented the collaboration with the VAT specialist BC&A. For 8 years now VMC and BC&A have been collaborating in an exclusive partnership, to offer the most efficient administrative and tax services to the event organizers.

Founded in 2004, BC&A is a VAT consultancy firm specialized in managing and recovering VAT for association events, corporate meetings and incentives.

Over the past ten years, BC&A has managed the VAT for hundreds of events, some with as many as 15,000 participants.

The partnership allows for several advantages to VMC clients:


1.     Full compliance with local and European laws 

2.     Maximum and definitive recovery of VAT for the organizer

3.     Participants entitled to recover the VAT charged, when relevant

4.     No local bank accounts necessary